Hello, I'm Jessica Morales!

I Want To Encourage You To Fulfill Your Divine Calling In This Wondrous World and Become all You were Created to be! 

All About Me

Jessica Morales was raised in the verdant valley of Lajas, Puerto Rico, then enjoyed a normal life as a wife and a mother in Connecticut. What happened next was as unexpected as it was unwelcome. The ensuing upheaval of her life and heart drove her deeper into the arms of her heavenly Father, where she discovered security and belonging which far surpasses all earthly loves. She shares her transformative journey in hopes that her hard-won wisdom will shed light on your own life's path. Her story is about rising up against all odds to live a life of faith, love and fulfillment. Her greatest passion is helping women find healing through a discovery of who they are and who they were meant to be.

Jessica lives in Florida with her two daughters. She is the founder and CEO of JM Empowering Women, which encourages women to live their divine purpose with excellence and W.I.L.D. networking group ( Women in Leadership Direction) which brings women entrepreneurs together to grow, learn, and build community. She serves as a Lead Trainer for Creating Jobs Inc. where she helps to co-create thriving businesses and communities around the world. She serves on the board of directors of Beloved Communities which builds multiracial friendships focused on biblical justice. But most of all, she is a woman who brings an extraordinary, relentless enthusiasm to her love for God and people. 





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