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JMEmpowering Women by Jessica Morales

About Me

Jessica Morales

Jessica Morales is a passionate, enthusiastic woman of God that loves to see people living into the fullness of who they are through thriving businesses and restoring communities. With over 20 years of business experience, she learned the most lessons of all, the skills of connection, relationship building, collaboration, and a positive mindset.


Jessica is the founder and CEO of JMEmpowering Women, which empower women to live their divine purpose with excellency through coaching, mentoring, speaking, and connection. As Founder and CEO of W.I.L.D. (Women in Leadership Direction) Women Networking group, Jessica brings women entrepreneurs together to grow, learn, and build a community to create an impact worldwide. Through her memorable, one-of-a-kind events and life-changing experiences, Jessica helps businesses grow, market their brand, generate leads, raise the brand value, and increase customers by building trust and connection between attendees.


In addition to her work with JMEmpowering Women and W.I.L.D. Women Networking group, she serves as a Lead Trainer for Creating Jobs Inc., where she helps to co-create thriving businesses and communities worldwide. In her new book, Arise: Use What Broke You to Live Your Divine Calling, she shares the lessons learned as she walked with God through her most traumatic life experiences. Through the pathway of spiritual healing and the practice of listening and obeying God, she allowed the manifestation of His power. She shares her transformative journey in hopes that her hard-won wisdom will shed light on your own life’s path. Her greatest passion is helping women find healing through discovering who they are and who they are meant to be.


Jessica Morales is so personable, kind, and fun! I've attended many of her events, workshops, and networking meetings. She has a very good flow and attention to detail. Always engaging with guests in a genuine and interactive way.

She always coaches you when you need it with the words of blessings that get to you. Jessica always goes above and beyond with guest service and does an excellent job with following up. Every time you're around her, you feel a happy and supportive energy. Overall, she's outstanding and I highly recommend her to handle your business or give you the push you need to be successful in life. Kudos to you Jessica keep up the excellent work!

karen, JMEmpowering Women by Jessica Morales

- Keren, Unique Diamond Spa

JMEmpowering Women by Jessica Morales

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