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Event Marketing


Vision Call

Every event project starts with a Vision call with you and your team. We discover your vision and ensure the right audience is attracted and create team involvement to ensure an enjoyable event with high attendance!


Identify Venue/Vendors

Find the perfect venue for your memorable event. We will then ensure vendors are properly selected and vetted to ensure your event is properly accounted for.


Finishing touches

We will work together to ensure all goes smoothly with your event and set the final details. I will apply my enthusiastic approach and attention to detail to ensure your event is effective, fun, and provides tangible results.

Personal/Business Coaching


We Have A Divine Chat

We begin our fabulous journey through a 1-on-1 talk that will allow us to discover your unique design and divine calling over your life. Together, we ready you for the impact of change and transformation.


Find Your Inner Power

We continue your fabulous journey by working together to learn the truth of who you are and who you were created to be in God's eyes. Through this discovery, we find your inner power to live the blessed life of abundance and freedom you are designed to live.


Passion For Change

Learn and discover subconscious thoughts, limiting beliefs, roadblocks, and past pains that allow us to create a blueprint that will encourage transformational change to live the divine life that God intended for you.


Build & Cultivate Legacy

After learning about yourself, building the blueprint of your new life, practicing new habits for spiritual growth, and cultivating a constant, intimate relationship with God, you will walk confidently into your divine calling. Following our journey will help you build a legacy for yourself and your future generations.

Let Me Empower Your Journey

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